Friday, July 24, 2009

July July July!

Happy July!!!
Summer is the best time of year in my opinion! Amongst other things, its berry season and swimming in lakes is revitalizing and relaxing at the same time.
I hope that you are enjoying your summer where ever you may be!

If you have not visited Isadora Clothing on Etsy lately ( make sure to check it our before the end of July- this month we are offering a complimentary tube top in the matching color with any Chameleon Dress purchase AND a chance to win a $100 gift certificate at Isadora! The lucky winner of the Gift Certificate draw will be revealed on August 1st- Good luck to all!

In other news, Isadora Clothing will be expanding this Fall. Watch for a brand new website that will take the Chameleon Dress to a whole new level. If you thought the Chameleon was the most versatile peice of clothing you could ever own, you will not believe what we have in store for you this Fall!

The new website will also feature a new blog but in the meantime we wanted to expand the scope of the current blog. We want to share the amazing examples we find of art, humanitarianism, fashion, eco initiatives, design, humour, cuisine, culture, style and anything else that inspires, amazes, confounds and motivates us....

On that note, we would like to introduce you to the work of DelilahSquid- photographer extrordanaire! We have collaborated on a number of shoots but i'm not biased... really! Her work is phenominal but more importantly she brings out the best in everyone she works with. Check out and ( facebook page) .
A true gem!

Till next time...
Be great!